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Resisting Devotion

Title: Resisting Devotion
Author: Lisaerin
Fandom: Twilight Series
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Some remarks that could be taken as pedophilia and remarks that sound like rape, and language
Inspiration: This would be post BD
Author's Note: I wrote this fic after a comment made by Gehayi on one of Mervin's sporkings.

Quill had been waiting for this day for about sixteen years. His Claire-bear's birthday was today and she would finally be eighteen and legal. He would finally make her his.  He had tried so hard not to think sexually about Claire, but it was always on the back of his mind. It was easy to ignore when Claire was a bright, bubbly child. But when she was in fifth grade he noticed the outline of a bra. And when she got her period soon after, the thoughts started coming. His Claire-bear could have his babies now. But Quill pushed his feelings down. He didn't want to scare Claire away. He focused on making himself everything for Claire. He was her babysitter when her parents were too busy. He played peek-a-boo with her for two hours. He always had candy when she came over to visit. He listened when she complained about her parents. He took her on special outings to the movies and to lunch. Claire would always hug him and tell him she loved him. He was the most important person in her life, as he should be.
     His fantasies about Claire were interrupted by Leah. "It's not going to work, you know." Quill started and then clenched his fists. Leah had been bothering him for years about his intentions with Claire. She called it pedophilia. He growled just thinking about the word. He was nothing like those scumbags. Those men only wanted little children for their bodies. They manipulated them into thinking they were the child's friends with only one purpose in mind. He only had Claire's best interests at heart. He was making a move when she was a legal adult and he had taken great care to give her everything she wanted. There was no reason she wouldn't want him.
    "Why wouldn't it?" Quill demanded. "I've become everything she ever wanted in a man. How could she ever resist me?"
"How could she ever resist you? Are you kidding me? Contrary to what you believe, girls do not want guys to slave after their every whim. We especially don't like it when guys spend years building our trust and then suddenly say it was only so that we would sleep with them. That's a good way to get slapped."
  “I haven't done anything like that! I love Claire!"
"Quill, you wouldn't have given a shit about Claire if you hadn't imprinted on her. She would have just been Emily's niece to you. But once you found out she was the one "destined" to have your child, you made sure that you were the most important person in her life. You emotionally manipulated her, Quill. You made sure that you were her favorite so that she wouldn't reject you. It's sick!"
  "You don't know what you're talking about!" Quill yelled. He felt himself beginning to shake and took several deep breaths. He could not lose control tonight.  "Claire is my whole world. She's my sun, she's-"
"Spare me your bullshit, Quill. Just tell me this. What are you going to do if Claire says no?"  The question made Quill freeze. There was always the possibility of the imprintee rejecting them, but why would they? It had never happened before. Claire would never have to deal with immature boys who would hurt her.  She had her perfect man in him. She was one of the few lucky girls. Why would she say no?"
  "Claire won't say no," Quill said confidently. "She has no reason to." Leah moved forward and for a moment Quill thought she would slap him. She tugged at her hair, grumbling obscenities under her breath. "Well, if by some miracle she does refuse you, are you going to leave her alone, or will you stalk her and tell her it's true love? Are you going to respect her right to say no, Quill?" Leah walked off before Quill could answer.  Stupid Leah. Just because she was alone and friendless she had to ruin other people's happiness. The bitch was never satisfied unless she was ruining someone's life. Quill forced himself not to think about Leah. She was just jealous. She had never experienced the joy of imprinting. She had never understood what it was like to care for someone so deeply. He thought about Claire. He would give his Claire-bear the best present ever.
    Quill was still stewing about Leah’s comments hours later. Leah always said things that were better left unsaid, so why was he getting upset? Leah always talked about how imprinting was wrong, but that was only because she'd seen the negative side of it. She had lost her fiancé because of imprinting. If someone would imprint on her, she would see it was the best thing. Claire touched Quill's arm. "What's the matter?"  Quill smiled at Claire. It didn't matter what Leah thought. Claire would be his tonight. She was what mattered. He smiled at her. "It's nothing, Claire-bear. I just had an argument with Leah." Claire frowned. "What happened?" Quill shook his head. Claire didn't need to know about that. "Leah was just being a bitch, that's all." Claire hit Quill on the arm. "I wish you wouldn't talk about Leah like that. She's really nice once you get to know her."
   Of course Claire would say that. Leah had taken Claire under her wing. It probably explained why she was so protective of her. He didn't like that his Claire was friendly with such a bitch, but if it made her happy then he would allow it. He thought about how to tell Claire his feelings for her. He had brought Claire out to her favorite spot by the cliffs. Everything had to be perfect. "Thank you for bringing me out here tonight, Quill."
  Quill smiled at Claire. "It's not a problem. I would do anything for you, Claire." Claire hugged him. "You're such a good friend, Quill." Quill inwardly frowned. He'd been her constant companion for her entire life- he should be more than just her friend. But he would soon set her straight. He tried to think of how to break the news to Claire. What did she like when it came to romance? He should have paid more attention when she talked about relationships, but he tended to go into a rage when Claire talked about males that weren't him. He decided to go with the dialogue he'd seen on television. "I really care about you," he said.
  "I care about you, too, Quill."  She should care about him. He'd spent a good bit of his life changing to please her. Half of the things she enjoyed he didn't give a shit about, but he learned to for her sake. It was time to stop beating around the bush and claim what was his. He pressed his lips to Claire's and kissed her. He wanted to be rough and passionate, but he was aware that might scare her away, this being her first kiss and all.  So he was gentle, even though all he felt like doing was shoving his tongue down her throat and groping her. There was only so long he could wait, and Claire had taken to wearing mid-riff bearing tank tops that tested his will a few years back. But he had been determined to wait. He would not be accused of being a pedophile and be arrested and separated from his Claire.
   Claire pulled away. Quill's first impulse was to grab her. "What are you doing?" he demanded.

Claire stared at him. "Quill, what-what are you doing?" she stammered.
 "Kissing you.  Look, I love you. I've loved you since you were a child." He reached out to caress her face, but Claire pulled back, aghast. "What do you mean? You've wanted me since I was a child?" 

Quill nodded. "Since you were two, actually." 
 Claire scrambled away from him. "You sick fuck! Get away from me!"  This wasn't going well. Leah was right; Claire was saying no. Clearly he would have to isolate Claire from her if she was going to put these nonsense ideas into her head. He just wanted what was best for Claire after all, and if he had to force her to sever ties with a relative, then so be it.
  "Claire, listen. There's nothing wrong with this. You know me. You trust me. I would never hurt you." But Claire wasn't listening. "I did trust you, you bastard!" she screamed. "You were my best friend! And now you say that you wanted me since I was a child! You're a grown man, Quill! That's sick!"
  Quill could feel himself vibrating. "I've done everything for you!" he yelled.
Claire snorted. "Yeah, so you could fuck me! Did you even care about me at all, Quill?"
"Of course I do." Quill held his hand out to Claire. "Look, it's destiny. I imprinted on you. You're my soul mate. My sun. My lifeline."
  "Spare me the sappy poetry. If you knew anything about me you'd know I hate that shit. I don't want to be your sun or reason for living. You should be able to exist without me." Claire was walking away. He couldn't allow that. He grabbed her arm, but she twisted and ran away. Quill considered going after her; he was bigger and stronger, after all. All he could think about was venting his rage and lust onto Claire, but he controlled himself. That would make her hate him. He'd give her a little while and then try again. No imprintee had ever said no before, and Claire wasn't going to be the first one.
   After Quill had gone home and taken care of his frustrations, he headed to Claire's house. She would realize what a mistake she was making. She had to. Quill couldn't live without her. When he got to Claire's house, he was greeted by a scowling Leah. "What are you doing here?" he demanded. He should have known that Claire would have gone straight to the harpy bitch. Leah folded her arms. "I might ask you the same question," she snapped. "What the hell are you doing here? Claire told me what happened."
   Quill growled. He waited for Leah to gloat that she was right, but she simply glared at him. "I need to see her. I have to explain myself to her, make her understand." He tried to shove past Leah, but she wouldn't let him pass. "Fuck off, Quill. You screwed up. I told you that some girls could resist imprinting."
"Only because you brainwashed her! Claire never would have refused me if you hadn't put ideas into her head!" He seized that idea and held onto it. It wasn't Claire's fault that she was rejecting him; she'd been lead astray.
  "Is that so?" a voice asked. Quill felt a thrill shoot through him as Claire appeared behind Leah. Leah grasped her wrist gently.  "Claire, go back to your room." Claire shook her head. Her eyes were red. She shouldn't be crying. Quill resolved to hunt down the bastard who had made her cry, and then realized he was talking about himself.
  "What do you want, Quill?" Claire asked flatly. "Are you here to apologize for ruining my birthday, being a sick fuck, and to tell me you'll be leaving town before I get a restraining order on your ass?"
 Emily had resisted Sam before, but she was playing hard to get. Quill wouldn't make the same mistake Sam did and lash out. He would be patient and understanding. "Claire, you don't understand. It's better this way. I'll do anything for you. You'll never have to suffer heartbreak or deal with any random douche bags because you have me."
Claire gave Leah an incredulous look, who simply shrugged resignedly. "Is he including himself in those random douche bags?"She asked.
"Nope," Leah answered. "He thinks he's better than them. After all, why settle for an average guy when you can have a stalker shape shifter? He’s only doing what’s best for you so you’ll fuck him."
 Claire spoke then. "I'm only going to say this once, Quill. After that, I'm getting a restraining order. You are a sick fuck. You've wanted me sexually since I was two. You pretended to be my friend just so you could fuck me. I don't care if I'm of legal age, it's still wrong. And I'm insulted that you think I'd take an easy copout relationship over one that takes time to build and last. Contrary to your belief, not all guys are douche bags and you putting them down to make yourself look better makes you a douche bag. The only reason you ever cared about me was because destiny said so. Did you even question destiny? That's not a good enough reason for you to hook up with me. I want to be liked because of me, not because a gene forces you to. Fuck imprinting. I'm going to be the first girl to say no to this demeaning, deus ex machina bullshit. We're over, Quill. I can't forgive you." 
  Claire turned to go back inside. Then she turned around and smirked. "It never would have worked out between us anyway, Quill."
"I like girls." Leah's laughter was the only thing Quill heard.



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Feb. 9th, 2011 03:04 am (UTC)
Heck yes! I always wondered what Claire was going to think about Quil after she grew up and realized that he wanted to have sex with her. It's totally screwed up, but Meyer never thought of it that way. It's true love, or some such bullshit to her.
Feb. 9th, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
Feb. 9th, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
OMG. Hell yeah, baby! This was fantastic, and so well written. So gratifying. It's like a bunch Twi-loather-fantasies came together and exploded into the sheer wonderfulness that is this Spitefic. The end was brilliant, what with the deus ex machina and the 'I like girls' bit.

Hell yes! Fuck off, pervy Quill. And take your stalker friends with you.
Feb. 9th, 2011 11:40 am (UTC)
OUCH! That gotta hurt! But damn, that was good! *cheers*
Sep. 12th, 2012 07:01 pm (UTC)
'He pressed his lips to Claire's and kissed her. He wanted to be rough and passionate, but he was aware that might scare her away, this being her first kiss and all.'
Which begs the question... what if Claire had started dating before she was legal? Quil would've had to stay away...
And I love how she's a lesbian. I always like it when imprintees are lesbian, just because the very thought would never cross Meyer's mind and because the possibility is always there!
Илья Рысенков
Jan. 1st, 2016 12:28 am (UTC)
Though I dislike or even hate non-heterosexual relationships, I'd choose girls' one as a lesser evil. At least it was consentual!

Edited at 2016-01-01 12:29 am (UTC)
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